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Capturing Your Family

When you book a photo session with Banff Image you are hiring a team of photography professionals to capture moments that show your unique family in the most beautiful setting in the world, Banff National Park.

 Marcela and Chris are a husband wife team who have lived cumulatively for 25 years in Banff.


Marcela will make sure your hair and wardrobe is looking good and she will direct the scene while positioning lights and reflectors.


Chris operates the cameras making sure the image is framed right, taken with the best possible lens and will be crisp and focused.  He uses the best cameras and lenses available. None of his cameras are ever more than 2 years old. As new technology becomes available he makes sure to get it.


Together Chris and Marcela will choose the best places based on the weather, time of day and of course any place you would like your family to be.

After the shoot, Chris and Marcela both go through pictures and discuss which are the best.  There will be around 500 pictures taken per hour of shooting and normally they will be looking for the 10 best.  The best ones will be carefully edited and enhanced with Photoshop, Lightroom, PixArt and other image software. More time will be spent on post processing that the actual shoot.

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