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About Banff Image and Chris Foote

Chris Foote has been a photographer since he set up a darkroom in his family home as a teenager.  He currently focuses on commercial sports photography.  His perennial clients are Liberty Skis, Ripzone, Sportchek and Newschoolers. 


Chris has been in Banff for over 20 years. Athletes love skiing with Chris because he gets spectacular photos of them and he loves doing it.  While many photographers often take time setting up their gear and manoeuvring in an alpine environment, Chris has experience competing in freeriding and as such is at home in the most challenging terrain. Chris really enjoys photographing young athletes who are trying to make their mark and can more often than not he skis with people less than half his age.

Chris has a versatile photography background including portraits, weddings and teen models.  He has been published in Teen Look Magazine dozens of times.  In the summer months he photographs skateboarding, wildlife and aviation. 

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