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About Banff Image and Chris Foote

Chris Foote has been a photographer since he set up a darkroom in his family home as a teenager.  He currently focuses on commercial sports photography.  Some of his perennial clients include Liberty Skis, Ripzone, Sportchek and The Newschoolers. 


Chris is originally from Alberta and has been in Banff for 25 years. Athletes love skiing and working with Chris because he gets spectacular photos of them, he can work quickly respecting their time while still taking care to compose beautiful photos.  Ski and Snowboard companies love hiring Chris because he knows the area, focuses on his clients goals and has a tight relationship with athletes.  Most of all Chris loves skiing and the skiing community. If he isn't taking photos it is more likely than not that he will ski more vertical than Mount Everest to sea level in a given day.


Photographing Athletes Chis has a tight relationship with lots of top ski and snowboard athletes.  He can hire them and photograph them to feature products. 
If you or your loved one is an athlete looking to raise their profile and show the world what they have been working so hard to do, Chris will make them look their very best. 


Licensing Photos

If you need top quality images of athletes Chris has hundreds of outstanding photos.  Check out his Instagram and contact him if you would like to use an image.  Chris always pays the athlete in the photo when a photo is licensed.

Ski Vacation Photos

Are you going to the Rockies for a ski trip? Chris has thousands of days of skiing experience in the Rockies and can show you the best spots and get stunning photos. If you aren't as spectacular as some of the athletes in these photos, Chris can make you look like you are.  You only have to look good for a millisecond. Chris won't miss it.

Contact Chris and get stunning images of awesome athletes.

Client: Spek Optics, Athlete: Matt Medrick

Spek Optics hired me to find and photograph 3 athletes to feature their products. Athlete: Matt Medrick

Banff Image 2023 2160p 92H03489-

The Newschoolers Pro Bowl Riding. The Newschoolers featured this photo for an article titled "SSV New S-Rail is Nuts"

Banff Image 2023 92G00798-

I have a perennial relationship with Liberty Skis of Colorado. This photo is of my good friend and Liberty Ski's athlete Eryka Dupuis-Lepack

Banff Image 2023 2160p 92I04244-

I took this image for The Newschooler's anual ski test. Athlete: Brock Marzolf with Videographer: Arron Kalat

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