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Portrait Photography Session in Banff: Brielle and Avery

Updated: May 19, 2019

This shoot was a blast. Brielle and Avery came to Banff for a portrait photography session with their mom, Keely. Both of the girls had modeling experience and were really easy to shoot.

Brielle and Avery are in instagram @brielle.marie.model @avery.marie.model

Brielle in her yellow dress

Brielle had a beautiful yellow dress which matched the soft yellows and browns of spring. Avery had a warrior outfit that suited a trip to the national park perfectly. Both of them had to be warriors. Banff is chilly in April at the best of times but they were both driven and neither complained. I felt it was our responsibility to keep them warm which is a little different. Some models can't handle 3 minutes 2 degrees below room temperature but Brielle and Avery we willing to suffer for their art.

We started near our house in a nice little forest. The forest right around town is nice for shooting photos because the undergrowth has been cleared to reduce the fire hazard near the Banff town site.

Then we went to some traditional cabins that have been preserved by the Whyte Museum near the Bow River right downtown. It's a nice are to shoot because it's seldom busy who doesn't love old little log cabins in the mountains?

After that we went to a beautiful meadow near the resorts on Tunnel Mountain. This meadow has an amazing view of Rundle Mountain and is one of the few open and flat areas you will find in the area. It's great for family shots too as there is space to run around and frolic.

The final shot was near the hoodoos by the campgrounds on Tunnel Mountain. This spot makes for good photos because it's high, overlooking the bow valley with Rundle Mountain Looking very dramatic on the other side.

Marcela and I hope that we can work with these wonderful girls again. It didn't feel like work at all. It was pure joy.

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