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Banff Image Photos Published in Teen Look Magazine

When we found out that Teen Look Magazine published 4 of our photos, 2 of them double page spreads we were so excited. Just the idea of having your photos published in a magazine is really cool as a photographer. Another big bonus is seeing our photos in print. In today's age few photos are printed but on paper they almost always look better. I mean here we are shooting 25mp pictures and they end up on Instagram at 1mp. In print all of the little details come out.

We are really excited to work with more teen models and help them launch their modeling careers. There is a paradox when an older married couple works with teens. #dunningkruger The older couple is confident and think they know trends and what they are doing and they probably don't know as much as they think they do. Confidence is elusive as a teen. It's a difficult time to navigate life. However, teens are consuming media learning a lot. Teenagers keep up with trends better than most people and they are the ones who create or at least determine the next trends. It's up to us, the photography team to build confidence and give the teen model some freedom to express their own style and for us focus on more technical stuff like photography and lighting techniques.

Finally we can't take much of the credit for being published. The models, Brielle and Avery Laing and their amazing mom, Keely Laing work hard getting their work out there. When Keely contacted us and told us our photos were published we were delighted. When we got our hands on Teen Look and saw the quality, size and number of our photos they choose it really gave us a boost and most importantly in a genre that we really enjoy.

Find Brielle and Avery on Instagram @briell.marie.model @avery.marie.model

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