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Spectacular Banff Portrait Photo Shoot With Asuna Yuriko

When Marcela found this swing a Johnson Lake she dreamed about shooting here. We've alread had some fantastic pictures here but she really was happy with this one. The dress is flowing in the wind and Asuna is looking amazing. This is an image we are really happy with,

Asuna is on Instagram @asuna_yuriko

Sometimes when one is lucky they get to work with people they instantly connect with. This was the case with Asuna. As any smart model does when working with someone new she brought someone to accompany her and make sure she was safe. The four of us really enjoyed are time.

Asuna is a real pro. She had multiple outfits and was really good at posing. It's unfortunate that so many people think that all models do is look pretty; There is a lot to know when it comes to being a model. Having a camera pointed at you makes you feel very vulnerable. It's invasive. Asuna really impressed with her ability to have a natural look while we aggressively fired camera shots like we were shooting a gun in a war zone. There was so much beauty to capture we didn't want to miss!

We were flabbergasted but also entertained by some of the horror stories Asuna told us about working with sketchy photographers. It started when sheepishly told her she could change in the national park outhouse for privacy. It would have been nice to have a lavish changing room with flowers all around but we are shooting out in the mountains.

She said,"That's amazing, you planned a place for me to change." Then she went on to explain that she wore modest clothes under her outfits because of dirty old photographers telling her to change right in front of them when she was under 18 of all things. My goodness! She had other horror stories of bad photographers and praised us. She kept our attention, sparked emotion in us while massaging our egos with compliments and telling us how much better we were than the others. We are humans and this naturally made us gushy and euphoric once the shock subsided.

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